IYCr2014 Openlab Turkey

1st - 5th Sep 2014 / Izmir - TURKEY

X-Ray Crystallography School

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The programme of the IYCr OpenLab Turkey will focus on single crystal structure determination by X-ray diffraction and will cover all steps from mounting the crystal to reporting the results. The OpenLab program is intended especially for young crystallographers and scientists.

The programme consists of lectures and practical sessions. The lectures will deal with crystal symmetry, X-ray diffraction from a crystal, phase problem, structure solution and refinement.

Students will ideally follow a complete single-crystal XRD experiment:

  • - At first, participants learn how to mount a crystal, and then use the Agilent Xcalibur single crystal diffractometer to collect diffraction data. Participants can bring their own crystals, and practise using the diffractometer on them.
  • - After collecting their own data using the Agilent CrysalisPro program, structure solution and refinement are carried out by the Olex2 program. The participants will have the opportunity to solve and refine the structures of their own crystals.
  • - Some lectures will show how to report the crystallographic data. Participants then prepare their own data report.
  • - At the end of the program, participants will present their own data.



IYCr Openlab Turkey Team


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